Xbmc updating video library art

[Read: 5 Must have Android apps for HTPC or Home Server control]To upgrade XBMC to Kodi on OS X, backup the XBMC settings folder. In my tests, Kodi 14.0 Helix RC already looked very stable.But I suggest that you wait until the final release is out to with IPVanish VPN: ♦ Hide your browsing and streaming activity: No logs and no tracking ♦ Access geo-restricted content from anywhere ♦ Encrypt and anonymize: Kodi, Plex, Downloads, Personal Info ♦ Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, i OS, Router, and more.Sometimes upgrading from one release to another can be challenging. [Read: Low-power budget HTPC build 2014 for a HTPC NAS Combo]That’s it.In this post, let us see how to upgrade XBMC to Kodi or technically 13.2 Gotham to 14.0 Helix on Windows, Linux, Android, and OS X. Note that the actual location may vary a little bit from one device to another. Kodi brings several key improvements including library improvements, adds more user control, improved support for android boxes, and support for ATSC sub-channels in the US.Also, how do I get XBMC to gather info from scrapers?I have selected import but nothing seems to happen.

I had no idea you could do multiple points like that.

One issue I did have with the new service addon as opposed to as a program is that there is no way I know of to invoke it manually. Anyway since that post I have gone back to using your new revision.

Thanks and please realize I was not attempting to overtake your work but build on it as I was not sure after dharma at that time you would continue on with it. I mainly reworked it after dharma because at that time it wasn't working with pre - eden.

While cron jobs or batch scripts can take care of the update process for you, this add-on keeps the library management within Kodi without having to reply on another method.

Please note that this is just a fancy timer that calls out to the normal Kodi Library Scanning functions.

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