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We almost always end up being disappointed on NBA trade deadline day and draft day, mainly due to the months of wild speculation prior. Kevin Garnett, who was gift-wrapped by Mc Hale in a 2007 trade, made the Celtics immediate championship contenders again after a 21-year title drought. Arguably the two best hitting teams in the American League will tangle at Fenway Park this week in what will be the Red Sox’ biggest series since they won the World Series over the St. Yes, it’s been that long since there was a “big game” on Yawkey Way.

Unfortunately for sheer entertainment purposes, it’s...

In the beginning, BIG PUBLISHING said, ‘Let there be genres,’ and there were genres, and lo, the publisher saw that it was good.

Enter the era of insta-hey-look-I-published-a-book. All the old rules (ostensibly) went out the window. Who needed fans of the cozy mystery genre to discover our books in the urban fantasy genre? Sure, we might lose some people if we went a while (okay years) without publishing something in our audiences’ preferred genre. As long as we just keep hitting that ‘Publish Your Book’ button, we can publish whatever we want in any genre we want. Interestingly, what I’ve learned from years of working in publishing and studying how it works is that we might have let excitement cloud our vision.

This isn’t to say these authors don’t also publish in other genres, but they don’t spend the majority of their writing time, social media time, and marketing resources trying to establish their name and brand in multiple genres simultaneously.

But because Tyson was so good, routinely knocking out opponents in the first or second... It happened this year as many pundits and Sixers fans questioned whether...

The NBA Draft is a week away and major trades are expected to go down in the days before and after the big day. His best buddy from the 1980s Celtics is Kevin Mc Hale.

Wanna go from cozy mystery to epic sword and sorcery? Maybe we’d see some drop off when we took that hard left from chick lit to shifter menage erotica. To be blunt, in our desire to be unchained from one genre …we went a tad cray-cray (actual business term), and threw the book baby out with the bathwater.

Perhaps our Amazon rankings even dropped below where we’re comfortable. Now that the dust is settling in the publishing world, evidence suggest genre focus matters more than we might have realized.

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