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Im not sure of the answer, I have really looked onto the subject and there are no clear answers.I have became widowed this year and it gets lonely.It is hard going from always having someone to talk to/live with to no adults super quick.I have family, friends and employees to talk with but its not the same.My wife went unexpectedly due to a chiropractor damaging her arteries going to her brain and she was a healthy 26 year-old so crazy things do happen.

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When yah finally get the details of the algorithm........could you please post them here for future reference??

I would think that this massive upheaval in your life would take time to find that sense of balance and normalcy that families tend to migrate towards, and that adding in another person/stranger to the mix would just make these things, balance and normalcy, harder to find.

Not to mention, the gigantic red flag that any quality woman would see if they knew/find out they were talking to someone who was so recently widowed.

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I guess love finds you at some of the most unexpected times and/or places.

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