Who is michael baisden dating

Michael Baisden has courageously defied the stereotypes to prove once and for all that men love their children, cherish their women, and yes, even cry.

Michael Baisden is a nationally syndicated radio personality and has been recognized again this year as one of the most influential men in radio.

Mingle City members from all over the nation have shared their concerns, and one even equated the injustice that is going on in Henrico County as that equal to the injustice experienced with the Jena Six incident.

Some have even initiated their own to shut down the school officials that continue to bully and intimidate children, parents, and educators.

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The news traveled throughout the country, everyone wore black in support of the Jena 6, from college students of all races to corporate executives.”is extremely pleased with the fact that our advocacy site is listed on Michael Baiden’s Mingle City website.

Many of the sites members have not only visited and read our site, but have expressed enormous outrage at the level of injustice that is going on within Henrico County Public Schools that continues to be covered up as children, parents, and educators suffer.

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