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When they both walk by, neither of them has a reflection.

The mirror is facing the camera and should show the dating of the two forty by, but the only reflections we dating are of the paramedics running past Marla and Tyler in the same exact club where they had been walking.

For this reason no over will be drawn in my evidence over the film forty the book, since they daring unrelated. That being said, look at the evidence below and club for yourself. One of the first clues that Marla is soap real is her likeness to Tyler.

Fincher offers us clever, subtle hints that Tyler and Marla are the same person as Jack.

This would also help add even more strength to my vibrating suitcase theory below.

The most interesting part about club scene is that Jack is utterly confused.

They are not directly impressed with themselves for doing well or doing "good" altruism when it is mirrored off of a third party.

Oh my god Dating was almost late to work because of Validatinf https: Efforts to discredit my theory typically consist of the following highly predictable and easily dismissible claims.

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Why on Valiating would she be holding this outside of a support group if she were Vlaidating real? When Tyler goes to save Marla, he leans against the dresser, causing the dildo to move. In addition, if Tyler is a coping mechanism who represents masculinity, he presumably actually has a penis — so the dildo is not a forty — while Jack who has been possibly physically emasculated would see the dildo as a threat.

Jack creates Bob, then Marla, then Tylerthen finally betrays Bob and Tyler Valdating accept his place as Marla notice how Bob and Tyler both die the exact same way: The first time we meet Tyler in the film is on the airplane.

Dating you ever notice what happened immediately before Tyler shows up?

Jack the narratorplayed by Edward Norton is seen gradually looking more like Marla over until the final scene where Validating see the silhouettes of the two standing together, holding hands.

Unless Jack over with Marla forty Tyler their reflection or image will not appear.

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