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Dan stopped at the water's edge as Becky slowly turned toward the group to give them a perfect view of her perky tits. We climbed over some rocks where a sign notified us we were entering Club Orient. Sue doesn't shave her pussy, but keeps it neatly trimmed. My dick started to get hard as Dan studied Sue's body up and down, with a smile on his face. Let's see how we feel about it at the end of the week."We walked to the end of Orient Beach with all of us naked. We were both turned on looking at Becky and Sue stark naked. We all covered our privates as we left the nudist resort.

Dan boldly looked at Sue and said, "Sue, you've got a great body, that's for sure. Dan and I took off our swim trunks and let the girls look at our cocks. Dan suggested we stop for a drink on the way back to our lounge chairs.

Let them gawk and take photos if that's what they want. Sue's tits were bouncing all over the place as we walked.

We passed by the cruise ship perverts and laughed as they took photos and videos to share with friends at home. Sue purchased a thong bikini bottom and enjoyed showing off her tight young ass. "Sue was honest when she replied, "Yes, I've thought about his hard cock in my pussy. This was the last night for Dan and Becky before they flew home.Sue saw me watching our topless neighbor and said, "She's got nice tits.Are you enjoying yourself, you pervert."I laughed and responded, "I sure am enjoying the view. You've got nicer, and bigger tits."Sue looked at me and hesitantly untied her bikini top, letting her big tits flop out.We got to our room and relaxed with glasses of wine.I was horny as hell and was pretty bold when I looked at Dan and said, "This has been a very fun few days with you guys.

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