Updating toc in word

Your logo should either be sent as a vector file or the highest quality jpg you have available.

Please note for licensing reasons we will include only Microsoft fonts in an editable Word file.

If you have never used a TOC before, I highly recommend that you read Shaunas article before reading this one.

This article builds on the basics to deal with intermediate issues of content and formatting.

Note: This article was originally written for Word 2003 and earlier.

Some instructions for Word 2007 and above are included in the topics below.

In the meantime, Is there a way to reset the styles that I might have inadvertently modified?

I don't think that the article Microsoft sent me was very good.

I discovered that a lot of the predefined headings (perhaps all of them) seem to have numbering styles linked to them. In the meantime, I'm glad you folks are there to help.

Instructions: Include any other styling input you want to provide our designers.

Maybe an extract from another document you particularly like or specific instructions "avoid white space wherever possible" or "never break tables across pages".

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