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I'm just trying to find out what the problem could be cause I don't have a warranty on the car so whatever I get fixed it will come out of pocket.

It's definitely not the battery but it may be the the starter - I live in Scotland so I've not had to try starting it when its warm outside!

Joking aside, my problem was slightly different, mine's didn't just click, the engine actually turned over and would continue to turn over until I let the key go, but the engine would not fire up and run by itself.

i have a chrysler 300c 2007 model diesel auto im having the same problem engine started for a sec and run now it wont start at all starter just clicks foned the dealership who we bought the car off.

It ran great on the drive home, but did the very same thing the next morning.

Is it my fuel filter, a sensor, or regulator, and could it have made my fuel pump go out? i am having the same problem with my 2007 limited 300 all the lights, radio, nav, etc work just fine.

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In your fix - what do you mean "a problem with sooting up and the gas analyser". I would be so grateful for a reply since I have had it taken to 4 different mechanics plus dealership.

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it wants to start just wont fire, i have took the car to the shop and they cant find anything wrong with the car, she didnt miss a beat the four days it was there, so brought it home and been doing fine for 2weeks and tonight i went to go home and it would not start haaaa please somebody help Sorry I Can't be more helpful, but since they diagnosed the problem as sooting up and the gas analyser then drove it for 20 miles, reset the systemand updated the software, I've not had a repeat of the problem and that's over a year now, so "touch wood" it's cured.

Eddie_G1 -- I have a Chrysler 300M and it has developed the same start fine in the mornings but after engine warms up and shuts up, it won't fire.

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