Updating resume

While 80% of that time is spent on skimming through your personal information, 20% is spent on searching for keywords that match the position. Posted job openings are packed with relevant keywords that recruiters or even computers fish for.When writing your resume, make sure you use target keywords for your desired position.Make sure your resume focuses on your current experience and excludes information irrelevant to your job search.In average, recruiters take only fleeting 6.25 seconds to look at your resume before concluding whether you’re a good fit for the position.Have someone back up your reputation and validate your skills. Be proactive in requesting testimonials and recommendations from your teachers, clients, colleagues or friends.They’ll be usually more than willing to put in a good word for you.Take the time to review position descriptions to showcase your achievements rather than your job duties.Review, revise and edit your resume so it will impress the hiring manager and help get you an interview.

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They help make your resume much more skimmable and accessible to the reader. You’ve got a chance to influence the recruiters in their initial six-second eye scan when making a fit/no fit determination.You’ve surely progressed in your life over the past your year.All your past year’s accomplishments should be on your resume too.Get Rid of the Old Stuff Your resume should reflect the latest achievements in your career and your current position.It should also contain your skills that are marketable in today’s workplace.

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