Updating resume dating ithaca ny

Here are 15 things you don’t need to include on a resume.Add What’s New Be sure to update all sections of your resume, so it’s current.Pick a memorable date like the first (or first and 15th) of each month. During your monthly resume check-up, consider whether the category of jobs that you are interested in has changed.If so, edit your resume to make sure you have emphasized the most relevant content.

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Review, revise and edit your resume so it will impress the hiring manager and help get you an interview.

Make sure your resume focuses on your current experience and excludes information irrelevant to your job search.

In average, recruiters take only fleeting 6.25 seconds to look at your resume before concluding whether you’re a good fit for the position.

By revisiting your past year’s achievements, you collect valuable information that calls for a resume update. Add your recent accomplishments, certificates, internships and newly developed skills to your resume.

Recruiters rarely look further back more than 15 years unless the information is extremely relevant to the job they are currently hiring for.

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