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In recent years, tour companies that cater to a single clientele have cropped up, making solo travel more appealing, especially if the tour excludes couples and families.People looking for a singles tour to Italy can pinch pennies by using an outfit that bundles the cost of air travel, board and ground transportation.We are very excited to know you'll sign up with us and will join our free dating site, searching for singles and friends in UK and Europe.If you like some independence but don't want to travel alone; if you don't want to travel on big buses with 40 people; if you don't want to promote invasive tourism but prefer to blend in with locals then try Intrepid tours small groups max 12 where fellow travelers become friends Review submitted Intrepid is a great way to travel because you get to see all the key highlights, you get to experience the local culture, you learn a lot and generally have a fun time with like minded travellers - without the hassles of organising everything; and it passes my cost/benefit analysis. The couple got engaged in August 2014, just one month after celebrating their six-year anniversary.Speaking with PEOPLE in early 2015, Amell confessed they were content with having a long engagement and the wedding day would be all about making his bride happy.only thing that keeps a drowsy American emperor awake: cheap goods.I have never seen so many super-skyscrapers (even the apartment buildings).

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The 11-day From the Colosseum to the Eiffel Tower tour spends three days touring Italian cities.

The 11-night trip visits Rome for three nights; Florence, Venice and Sorrento for two nights; Milan and La Spezia for one night.

You tour the country in a modern coach accompanied by a professional tour manager and English-speaking local guides.

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