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Made by Carl Hoffman in Aue in Sachsen Saxony during 1953. An original, large size, 1942 dated WW2 WLA corduroy breeches in perfect condition.. In perfect condition, complete with all buttons and calf ties. It has a brass forward section which has aerodynamic flight holes holes in it. This is a very rare grenade and is a lake recovered one from the high mountain battlefields near the Austrian / Italian border and spent many decades in frozen water which contributed to its well preserved condition although the steel is pitted and the rod badly coroded the brass is excellent as is the interior and screw threads. A very rare Imperial Russian unfired Armour Piercing High Explosive common pointed steel round with a brass centering band and a 3 groove driving band. The drawn brass case has an unfired primer and is dated 1913. One of the most destructive British weapons was the small (1.8- kg) incendiary bomb used in large numbers to create ground fires over a wide area. It has an instruction book and instructions and check lists with it.( case code aym) The headstamp shows the case code and date. Please state which case type you would like when ordering. Faint traces of polished out decoration on the case. This are item was manufactured by the French Hotchkiss Factory for the French Ministry of Finance for the paris Exhibition of 1889. A nice January 1917 dated 37mm French Anti Zeppelin Incendiary round. Dropped by RAF crews this is a rare example of its type. O 72 This is a scarce book, the bible for collectors of WW1 British Ordnance. A mounted as worn WW1 Imperial German group of medals consisting of a 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class, Bavarian Service Cross with swords, WAr Cross with Swords and a Bavarian Long Service Medal. An original USA War Office, Department of the Army, 3.5" Rocket launcher Manual, (FM 23-32) Dated December 1961. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. The wooden transit case is nicely painted and fitted inside, with rope handles. ( 1475 ) A nice condition WW1 Imperial German Trench Dagger and scabbard. It has its original black painted steel scabbard with leather integral frog. ( 1526 ) A mint example of a US M-1907 Winter cap in cotton duck with kersey lining seen in the folded position. Price includes UK delivery A great set of 20 original post 1950 beret badges of The Dutch Army on their original felt backing patches and retaining pins.It is made of alloy with a steel front plate and is VERY heavy. A superb piece of Cold War armament and the Ultimate in fuze collecting. An original 23rd July 1941 War Department Basic Field Manual, Soldiers Handbook with amendments upto the end of 1942. Never designed to have a badge fitted and has no holes to receive one. It is fully illustrated and in excellent condition. It has 61 colour illustrations and is in good condition. This book consists of 350 pages, the book has red cloth covers. It has a broad & a narrow red rank stripe and inside has its original removable leather liner and chinstrap.A very nice condition WW2 brown leather flying jacket of either British or American manufacture. Rose top (now loose)Inside it has a Christ's leather sweatband in size 7 1/8. Part of a large collection purchased from Chorley Police Station. A very nice quality Police Kepi cap of a Paris Police Bandsman. It has 79 colour illustrations and is in good condition. Manufacturers logo in the helmet which could be "NP" over a "V". ( 1782 ) A very nice Assistant Divisional Officers white Fire Helmet in padded and covered plastic to the Northern Ireland Fire Authority with a front transfer badge worn from 1950-75.

The fuze is complete with all its electronic componants and measures 40 H, 46 L, 33 W. The 2 throat mikes are bakelite and marked, "Mi-4b, Ln. This knife was originally intended to have a knuckle bow which at some time has been carefully removed and has NOT been snapped off or damaged etc. This is an experimental white cork police helmet introduced for Traffic Officers in lancashire Constabulary in the 1950's when they had to perform point duty and so be more visible. This pamphlet covers tactical handling, assembling, stripping, care and cleaning, sightsetting, aiming, firing postions, loading and unloading, firing and action on misfire, handling and zeroing. It consists of 632 pages, 15 colour plates illustrated by Richard Simkin, and numerous black and white photographs and illustrations. Blue cloth covers with yellow spine, the front with gold embossed regimental badges. It has a blue and red cloth covers, the front with gold embossed regimental device. 'A History of the Regiments & Uniforms of the British Army' By Major R. This book consists of 335 pages, the book has red cloth covers. Money Barnes in collaboration with Allen, Volume 2, from 1625 to the present day, dated 1960. A very nice Assistant Divisional Officers white Fire Helmet in hard moulded plastic to the Belfast Fire Brigade with a Bakelite white star badge with the red hand of Ulster, worn only 1948-19150.

Irish Horse, All brass Hants Yeo, Glamorgan Yeo, Gilt Bedford Yeo, OSD Deveon Yeo RFA. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the Anti-Aircraft, dated 1937. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. It is fully illustrated throughout and also has pull out update. This book covers the 60-mm Mortars M2 and M19; 60-mm Mortars monut M5, 60-mm Mortar Baseplate M1; 81-mm Mortars M1 and M29; and 81-mm Mortar and monuts M4, M23A1 M23A2, and M23A3.

Selection of 100% guaranteed original British Army Cap Badges. We do NOT sell knowingly any restrikes or fakes, money back guarantee. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the .300" Lewis Machine Gun in US calibre for Ground Action, Provisional, dated 1940. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. This book covers the maintenance, repair and inspection of the weapons.

It is fully fur lined with a working front zip and two working lower sleeve grips. It has a broad black & a narrow black rank stripe and inside has its original removable leather liner and chinstrap. ( 1783 ) Original HMSO Handbook, Air Raid Precautions, Handbook No 1, Personal Protection Against Gas, dated 1938.

Manufacturers stamp in the helmet, "Small, upto 6 7/8". This handbook is book No1 of 8 handbooks and covers all aspects of safeguarding the civil population against air attacks where gas is used.

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