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of April, 1968 was a black day in the history of the Hockenheimring.

Because of safety problems at the Nürburgring the German Formula One Grand Prix was held that year at Hockenheim for the first time.

A solution came when Hockenheim made a deal with the Nürburgring to alternate the German Grand Prix between both circuits.

Now you can ask if that reconstruction was necessary for a race which is only held every two years!

The original circuit was the dream of assistant timekeeper Ernst Christ, who came in 1930 to the idea that a circuit should be built in his hometown Hockenheim in the South West of Germany.

of March 1932 with the construction of the 12 km (7.45 Miles) long "Dreieckskurs", which is German German for Triange Track.

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