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Cruisy men's locker room, with lots of locations that allow privacy and play. Went in the other day after the repainting of the bathroom stalls.The best is the steamroom that is located in the very back of the shower area. Cruisy steam sauna in the back of the men's locker room with a decent amount of privacy. Sat down and the guy next to me tapped his foot immediately. Located on the Severn River under the Naval Academy bridge near the old Severn River bridge fishing pier.

Angela brings an international perspective to her practice, having lived and worked in many regions of the world, including the U.I have had my dick sucked a few times here and even fucked a guy once! I believe the best times are around noon-ish, after 5, and at sunset. From Calvert County go about two miles past the bridge on Rte. After a few minutes I got out and leaning against my car started rubbing my cock. This is a quiet light rail station that can get cruisy after 8 pm. It can be pretty busy with people coming in and out of the bathroom, but it has great potential. It would be hot for action, you can see the urinals from the stalls, plenty of room for discreet action. There are some guys who pull up in trucks and get sucked off by other cruisers and inline skaters who use the place sometimes. The last stall is handicapped so it's pretty big. Near frat row, but most people don't know its h... There used to be a lot of action there, but it heavily waned over the last couple years.Most play happens in the steam room, but great vie...

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