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That uneasiness bothered me and demanded resolution. According to this branch, the morality that was formed over the historical period was sufficient in the past, but that morality was no longer appropriate because society had changed and had become much more civilized.

The philosophers suggested that slight modifications should be introduced to the concepts of good and evil, making them laxer and more flexible, and all would be well.

However, that old uneasy feeling was still there, and I realized that I still didn’t understand the most important thing in life. At that time (mid-1990s), I liked the branch of evolutionist theory that was popular in England from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth-century.The Earth was formed from protoplanetary clouds surrounding the stars and later developed the possibility for life. That is why, when I was admitted to the Moscow University, I was very interested in psychology on the one hand, and the history of religion and atheism on the other.This started 4.5 billion years ago and lasted for hundreds of millions of years. In contrast, everything was quite fine with the scientific approach—I mean that it possessed no contradictions. In my fourth year of studies at the university, my favorite subject was Scientific Atheism.Despite his rationalist/ evolutionist background, physicist Andrey Vetchinkin was acutely unhappy with the scientific basis of the theory of evolution.He converted to Orthodoxy after encountering phenomena that could not be explained or understood by his usual rationalistic approach.

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