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I am not kbs channel biased,n I watch a lot of Korean drama since I was teenager but I from what I can see most of kbs drama are turn into great drama . , oh my venus , all about mom , school 2015 , healer , cantabile tomorrow, maigaddd that doesn't include long term drama like sweet secret and what happen to my family... who ever said that fight me first bitches before you say anything about my precious hong bin, vixx fans is over the world and eat you a alive! i felt all the emotions during the last 2 eps and i must say this drama has one of the best finales ever. the characters are so lovable and what makes it more interesting.. Trusting one another even through the darkest times. Seriously guys, you gotta watch Percy Jakson "Sea of Monters" and you will find out that they just copy one of percy's scene.10 star out of 10 for MOORIM SCHOOL Plz guyz its better if u don't read the comments or the ratings cuz that way u wouldn't want to watch it ...... The last 2 episodes make me cry so much...especially the scene between Hongbin and his father shiwoo and his father .. I don't believe that this drama has got low ratings. this drama deserves a rating higher than 92 because it teaches lifelong lessons about true friendship, family and most especially trust. Also how greed can turn people into selfish arrogant humans but when it comes to family love is stronger . Seriously, the opening really turn me off, and i stop watched this drama right away..The teachers and students at the school come from different countries and each have their own stories.

There were a couple of threads that weren't tied up, but nothing that took away from the finale. the dissatisfaction that i felt in my heart with cheese in the trap's ending was then filled with lingering satisfaction because of moorim school's ending. It's not drama with many plot twists but the bromance and friendship between the mains are the best things you can look forward. i swear the ost for this drama is really-really touching:') love this drama.

Thou, i hope there are some parts of the wedding thing, but its ok i'd enjoy it so much again it's all worth it. After reading through all the comments, I'm not sure where the "low" rating of 90 came from, but I give this 96 out of 100. Even though some of the lines were a bit cheesy, the actors were great, the story line was really good and the ending is one of the best I've seen--it wasn't rushed and included everyone.

Those sleepless nights is all worth it, those tears that shed is ALL worth it. I highly recommend watching this and wouldn't mind seeing a good sequel to it!

I feel younger audience might like it due to it's magic and fantasy scenes, and I did enjoy those magical moments, but for someone more mature like myself, it didn't fit my taste. I'm so happy that this drama isn't like those high school cliche love stories. You did a great job that i really want to cry because i want more I just watched episode 5 and I can say that this drama is so boring.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that's a really big drama viewer BTOB sungjae was given the main role but he rejected it . It showed lady power and true friendship (even though some parts are VERY cheesy). Well truthfully, there is some draggy parts but overall it's good! At the very first appearance of Soon Deok, i know that i dont like her.

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