Quick hill updating

Jackson’s presidency was never about equality; it was about aggressive expansion – as in the forced migration of the Cherokee Nation away from their lands east of the Mississippi, with Jackson not giving a damn to the Supreme Court opinion.

It’s impossible not to recognize Publius Decius Mus was a nifty touch; Livy, in his History of Rome, talks about Mus as a Roman consul who unselfishly sacrificed his life to lead his army in battle.

In these rough times, “city life catered to a minority of the population, as the rural majority fanned outward to the edges of civilization”, far away from “Jefferson’s idealized, commercially oriented cultivators”.

“Cracker” and “squatter” were Americanisms, updating “inherited English notions of idleness and vagrancy.” And this, as Steinberg notes, added a “new class dimension to the meaning of democracy”.

Following Strauss and Howe, Bannon believes we are now right in the middle of the Fourth Turning.

Strauss and Howe identified the first three turnings, in American terms, as the Revolutionary War; the Civil War; and the Great Depression followed by WWII.

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