Pros and cons of dating a man 10 years older

Just go in for it regardless of the age factor and make that relationship work!

Remember the saying that goes, ‘Age is just a number”.

The big benefits of dating a younger man #1 Younger men are often more physically driven.

It is commonly accepted by several studies that men tend to age a bit more quickly than women, so if you’re a woman in her thirties who is fitter than average, you may find that the men your age or a little older just can’t keep up with you.

Let’s discuss some key reasons why that might happen and the benefits, as well as shortcomings such relations offer.

First of all, let us figure out if there is an ideal age gap for a couple to date and marry well?

Some of these may include: financial constraints/ stability, the need for variation (dynamism), gaining experience, among a whole lot factors unmentioned.

But albeit all these, there do exist certain pros and cons when it comes to dating older men. To cap it all up, I’ll say that no one relationship is predictable or perfect.

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