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Despite that, in the most critical applications and modes the loss to the other boards is minimal.That is why we shall not recommend MSI P6N SLI to those, who really love speed and high fps.Moreover, users from this category usually look for a motherboard with built-in capabilities that fully satisfy their needs.That is what they will get - within the board's own limitations.

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However, this is a fact that we have no right to leave undeclared.

No matter which version of Microsoft Office you want to install.

Our Microsoft Office download technical support team has specialized ability to resolve all queries regarding the Microsoft softwares.

The motherboard supports accessing boot device selection menu by pressing F11 key during POST procedure. Testbed configuration: We have compared P6N SLI in speed characteristics to two other motherboards based on Intel P35 chipset - fast (P35 Platinum) and not so fast (P35 Neo), as well as to the only motherboard based on equivalent chipset tested up to date - ECS NF650i SLIT-A.

This conveniently allows performing a one-time boot, for example using a CD drive, without having to change corresponding settings in BIOS Setup. As you can see the motherboard is overall not the fastest one.

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