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Grant (1822-1885), attempts led by General Benjamin F.

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Contains descriptions of the number of soldiers aboard ship, the James River and the shoreline along the James River, food and living conditions aboard ship, and participation in military operations south of the James River between Petersburg and Richmond. Letters, 1889-1896, from Fannie [-----] in Nottoway County, Virginia, to her relatives consisting of news of her family, information on her crops and livestock, and news of people in Nottoway County including deaths. C.; commenting on rumors of the death of Confederate General Joseph Johnston at the battle of Seven Pines (Fair Oaks); noting that the Confederates have improved in their treatment of Union wounded and prisoners; and complaining about an address given by Massachusetts Governor John Andrews, stating that Massachusetts men are fighting for the Union, not to abolish slavery. Letter, 6 November 1864, from Richard [-----], in the Officers' General Hospital Ward 2, near Fort Monroe, Virginia, to his wife Libby in Lynn, Massachusetts, discussing his stay in the hospital, other patients, his hope of receiving a leave of absence or of being transferred to a Massachusetts hospital, and his family. Mc Clellans (1826-1885) reluctance or fear to move the Union army and fight, reporting a rumor about Englands outrage over the removal of the Confederate emissaries Mason and Slidell in the Trent Affair, and commenting on camp life including the types of tents and building, the camp food, and personal gossip about people he and his sister know.

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    She also won the annual WSU/NWS King and Queen of the Ring tournament alongside Jay Lethal two months later.

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    He claimed that audience members would be "turning over your rifle" if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election.