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Even Moses Stuart, America’s most prominent preterist, admitted that the “tyrant here meant is probably Domitian.” Within this narrative, Clement further speaks of John as an “old man.” If Revelation was written prior to A.

70, it would scarcely seem appropriate to refer to John as an old man, since he would only have been in his early sixties at this time.

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Bewegung und Sport stehen bei Singles & Paaren ü50 hoch im Kurs.Some writers, however, have advanced the preterist (from a Latin word meaning “that which is past”) view, contending that the Apocalypse was penned around A.68 or 69, and thus the thrust of the book is supposed to relate to the impending destruction of Jerusalem (A.The testimony of Irenaeus, not far removed from the apostolic age, is first rate.Irenaeus seems to be unaware of any other view for the date of the book of Revelation.

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