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And for those of you who have done it, know that online dating can challenge your mental and emotional sanity, and to do it in godliness can seem almost impossible. Test him, ask him hard questions, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. There are so many people out there — yes, other people that love God and love others! Yes, this year I’ve cried more tears about this process than I could have ever imagined, but there is a bright side: In a culture of ever-growing isolation, this tool allows us to be available to guys who are also seeking marriage. Leah is the oldest of four girls, works in the restaurant development world with a degree in Business Management, and enjoys exploring intentional living.

But through the endless messaging, countless phone conversations, text messages and date after date after date, I’ve learned a few lessons. Remember, you are getting to know a stranger, so don’t say to yourself, I’m OK if all we do is email for four months. Guys are not clear sometimes when they are not interested, so you have to read their actions and not their words. If they don’t reach out, if they don’t call it a “date,” if they don’t call you, just let it go. I can “put myself out there” in a classy way and be faithful to the desire that God’s given me. Online dating is like walking in a minefield, and we are only a few wrong decisions away from destruction. This includes meaningful relationships, Cross Fit, long-distance running, good books and maybe the occasional piece of dark chocolate.

Of course, that's not true—I'd argue there's a lot to be said for learning about someone in person (body language, chemistry, how they react to things, and making sure they aren't a Catfish, to start), but most people would rather just google someone and form an opinion.

Just think about how often you've googled someone, been googled, or googled yourself. Instead, you used to have to earn a person's trust and get to know them in person before they'd open up about their past, as well as their future dreams.

Then, these relationships don't last because constantly texting/liking/snapping at one another is unsustainable, not to mention a poor substitute for intimate physical experiences like going to the movies, hanging out with friends, or cooking dinner.When I sat down to write an article about the state of dating in America, my first thought was, That's probably the only state in America I haven't been to in a while.As a 30-year-old who recently became single, I realized that most of my friends are already married or in serious relationships.Consequently, the value of the date has depreciated.Going a step further, the date has also lost its purpose.

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