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Here’s a timeline of everything we know about the accusations.

The actors met the on the sitcom about a a college student, played by Baio, who moves in with a family as a housekeeper and caretaker for the children, one of whom was portrayed by Eggert.

He was born on June 27, 1970, in Cerritos, California.

After Justin, Nicole has been romantically linked to actors Aaron Paul, Eric Etebari, Jeremy Jackson.

“I was embarrassed I was a virgin, so I needed someone to pop the cherry and make me a veteran,” she said. 10, 2018, Eggert filmed an episode of , in which she alleged that Baio was sexually molesting her during the filming of their sitcom.

(The age of consent in California is 18.) “I was a willing participant to an extent,” she said. “I can’t keep up with it, quite honestly.” Baio also claimed that though he got along with Eggert, they were “never” alone together on the which was like a picnic every day, it was one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever done — there’s teachers, parents, family, crew, producers, my dad.

“There was a lot of manipulation that went into it. So how any of this could have happened is absolutely impossible,” he said. That’s why this has got to stop.” After Baio suggested that his former costar pursue legal action, Eggert said she may go to the cops. “Why would I have a concern over something I didn’t do? “Rather than take your case to social media, where people tend to beat up people like me, why not do it through the proper channels?

Check out Justin Herwick; this handsome guy was at one point in his life the husband or boyfriend of actress Nicole Eggert, known for her roles on Charles in Charge, Boy Meets World and Baywatch. One important thing you should know is that prior to Justin, Nicole dated and even became engaged to actor Corey Haim, who she met on the set of Blown Away in 1992, they worked together again in the film The Double O Kid and then again in Anything for Love in 1993.

adaptation of diving show Splash and VH1’s reality show Celebrity Fit Club.

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