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“Um,” she says, “you just described my entire sexual orientation.” is pretty loosely bandied about, but it feels like it hasn’t been properly used since the early ’90s, in the days of Cindy, Naomi, Linda, Christy, Claudia. Women wanted to be them, or hang out with them, and also sometimes sleep with them. Other models have ushered in new eras of like rock stars.Social media has done much to bring back that sense of fashion-model ubiquity, but it doesn’t change the fact that the models snapping those Insta stories are the body-type equivalent of the one percent (and, in the case of Jenner and the Hadids, who were famous and wealthy before they were models, they’re also the actual one percent).Then she demonstrates the proper blading position, leaning forward, butt out, feet gliding. Soon we figure out that holding hands is our most comfortable position.Graham loves imagining the thoughts of passersby who glimpse our intertwined fingers.Instead of blading fast, though, she’s graciously teaching me how to stay up.“Now this is a bitch right here, the brick,” she says, showing me how to lift up my knees to get over uneven surfaces.(Ervin, a cinematographer and documentary filmmaker whom she met at church, is black.) And there’s something wrong when women-of-color model friends of hers like Marquita Pring and Precious Lee aren’t getting the same opportunities.

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“Then I went to an agency” — IMG — “that said, ‘Why aren’t you?

Less than two years ago, through some alchemy of beauty, luck, and sheer will, Graham became the first model with clothing tags bearing numbers like 14 and 16 to show off her glistening, spray-tanned curves on the cover of the Graham seems to have erroneously come here thinking she was going to get a workout, dressed in leggings and a wicking top.

(She’d just left the Dogpound, the preferred gym of Victoria’s Secret models.) Her blades, which she brought from home, are silver and lace-up with the pull of a single string, like one of Q’s demonstrations in a James Bond movie.

Five-foot-five and size 22 rockabilly bombshell Tess Holliday signed with a London-based modeling agency on the basis of her bold images and legion of followers, now 1.5 million.

Along with other homegrown Insta models, like Nadia Aboulhosn and Gabi Gregg (over 500,000 followers each), she’s proved that the public has an appetite for better clothes for bigger girls — as well as one for bigger girls with attitude and good taste — and announced it loudly enough to have the fashion world take notice.

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