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I did upgrade the firmware so the machines are identified as Macmini 2,1.

The nylon screws that are available are definitely worth the - you might be able to get away with not replacing the clips, but is it worth it for ?A socketed CPU is a huge plus, although at some point future CPUs will not be compatible (and may use a different socket), but in the meantime it's a nice change to be able to use standard (high volume/commonly available) Intel CPUs for upgrades.(And over time, CPU Prices drop as intel releases faster/later models.) For owners that swapped in a Core 2 Duo CPU, the original tip for Lion dev previews is reported to still work - I. Install lion on a drive connected to a supported mac (Target Disk Mode, FW, etc) and then delete the (hidden) "/System/Library/Core Services/Platform Support.plist" file.After the image was restored to the new partition, I rebooted my mini holding down the option key to selected the new Lion partition.It booted up and I was greeted with the account setup screen.

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