My computer not updating time

I’ve had the best luck with gov, but that might be because of my location.

Here’s a list of a couple of time servers that you can try instead: You can find a longer list here: the Default Update Interval If your clock is constantly out of sync even though it says the sync was successful, the problem could be that your computer is losing time because of a system clock problem.

The error you will typically get is “An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with time. In the Internet Time Settings dialog, you can change the default server by choosing an item from the drop-down, or you can type in a new entry.

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Note: If you DO NOT see the Internet Time option, please refer to the instructions here.1) On your keyboard, press Windows key and R at the same time, then type in and hit Enter. In some builds of Windows 10, you need to choose Command Prompt (Admin) accordingly.2) Press W key on your keyboard to fasten locate Windows Time category. 2) In the new opened window, type in the following command and hit Enter if you are logged in as the administrator: If you have done the above procedures and the time is always wrong, then you may need to consider whether it is caused by corrupted battery.Many people have reported problems with synchronizing their clocks with the internet time servers, especially, which seems to have a ton of problems with uptime.We’ll go through a few workarounds to fix this issue.

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