Malyasia dating scams

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that scammers almost always use news of disasters such as plane crashes or earthquakes to trick people into participating in scams or installing malware.Thus, it is certainly wise to use caution if you receive messages about such disasters. Especially those mobile phones who have mobile banking.So, it is true that people should be careful of clicking links in messages claiming to have video footage of flight MH370.That said, I have not found any credible information about a current malware threat like the one described in the warning message.Bogus messages falsely claimed that the aircraft had been found and that users could click a link to view video footage of the downed plane.

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After an investigation which stretched up to eight months, police nabbed 15 Nigerians, between the ages of 25 and 30, and a local woman in four separate raids in Subang Jaya and Damansara earlier this week.The message seems to be an abridged variant of another garbled and misleading virus warning message that began circulating soon after MH370 disappeared.Such vague and outdated virus warning messages can be counterproductive because they do not contain current information about security threats that people can act upon and they may simply cause further confusion.The message gives little information about how the supposed virus video clip is distributed.It does not say if the virus message is circulating via social media, email, or some other means.

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