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They advised the public to be wary of online friends and not be easily fooled by their “perfect” appearance and personality.It was learnt that the Nigerian who chatted up the victim used the photograph of a Caucasian male, dressed in full army uniform, as his profile picture.The message gives little information about how the supposed virus video clip is distributed.It does not say if the virus message is circulating via social media, email, or some other means.It implies that the ‘virus’ may be targeting banking details on mobile phones but does not say if the threat applies to other platforms such as computers.

That said, I have not found any credible information about a current malware threat like the one described in the warning message.City Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner Izany Abdul Ghany said the Nigerians were all holding student passes.Police seized 14 laptops, 20 mobile phones, 11 savings account books, ATM and credit cards of several banks, a cheque book, SIM cards, pen drives and modems.“The woman was recruited by the syndicate to open bank accounts where the money from their scams were credited.“She had also registered companies with the Companies Commission of Malaysia to legitimise her bank transactions.” Izany said police were also looking for another local woman who had also opened bank accounts for the syndicate.

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