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He's also one of Chuck's favorite odd ducks in the world, so he was thrilled to sit down and chat about the 1972 film Fat City. Chuck had a blast sitting down with him in the home studio to talk about his movie crush, the 90s indie darling, Party Girl.

The talk went so well, Chuck wanted to start another podcast with Guy. Mar 23, 2018 This week is another NY session, with the lovely and talented Brooke Adams.

Mar 16, 2018 Tony Shalhoub is a legit acting legend and Chuck was lucky enough to have a great chat with him in NY about his favorite movie, The Sting.

They talked about Tony's life and great career, then zeroed in on what is now the second Newman/Redford/Hill entry onto the Movie Crush roster.

Every single day there are the same abusive people who harass continually. King developer said it is a Facebook feature and to contact Facebook.

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