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My niece just went to a casting call, the white people there, thought she was bi-racial(she’s not) Plus she’s brighter than Quincy My cousin also brighter than Quincy, who has serious Mack skills (I am so envious of him). 3 by Mexican girls, one Filipina and rest Black girls What you and others think are above average, is quickly what’s going to become the norm for you Deter Jeter is mixed… Stop being so defensive this kid looks mixed with white. The fact you are so defensive about the way he looks is ridiculous. Here’s something by a high yellow man Quote: (The fact you are so defensive about the way he looks is ridiculous.Not saying he is but he looks it with his skin complexion, hair and phenotype. He looks black and white.) Again never stated he was not part white, nor am I being defensive about the way he looks. In fact, they’re usually much more lighter featured than him. Log in to Reply @Phaedra you can be subsaharan black African and look exactly like Quincy too.

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Plus now you know that Quincy father is not white Also we’ve already have established from previous comments, that your exposure to mixed blooded people other than your family has been kinda limited. They were shocked when I said both parents are African-American. ) I am not being defensive, nor at anywhere in my comment, did I say he was not mixed.While in other areas like mine, it’s more like a rainbow of color with all of them saying that they are BLACK.Quincy looks and coloration are very common to me, in other words average Quincy is definitely above average in African-American skin color and hair types. Where say nick cannon, tyrese, Michael B Jordan look typically African-American and not one black parent and white.African American is a umbrella term and a cultural name for a group of people who come from a multigenerational mix.We are about 42 million something strong, with multiple ancestries running through our bloodlines. We have different percentages of varies ancestries, we are not all the same( cousin would be different from cousin, but still family).

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