Is omar epps dating sanaa

PHOTOS: 15 On-Screen Couples With Undeniable Chemistry On the evolution of Quincy and Monica: Lathan: I see Monica having a great career in the WNBA and maybe becoming a coach. Instinctively I would show the other side of love, like how Monica and Quincy didn’t make it—to me it could be more interesting.

It’s all opinion, some people want to see left, some people want to see right.

Epps: Gina and I actually spoke about that and she has this you-don’t-touch-a-classic-thing and I agree but it’s tempting because it’s like what would the story look like now.

The best sequels are when they were in mind during the original, when you are searching for the sequel that’s when it doesn’t really work.

She didn’t have any intention on hiring an actress who could play ball. It was like this long on-going thing because every audition I would do, they would throw in another ball player but she kept bringing me back and I kept coming back.

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However, Epps added, "Gina and I actually spoke about that and she has this you-don't-touch-a-classic-thing and I agree but it's tempting because it's like what would the story look like now.

Before the director Gina Prince Bythewood had a deal, she had a stage reading of the script just to get feedback.

The original actress she wanted to read the script got sick and couldn’t make it. A couple of years later when she got a movie deal, she kept me in mind.

We all watched as childhood friends Monica Wright (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy Mc Call (Omar Epps)—who both had a love for basketball—fought for each other’s love…And won.

They fell into that deep and envious fairytale love that only years of friendship can bring.

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