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He said the body was buried under a house, but that story was discredited when it was pointed out that the house was not built at the time In 2010 van der Sloot tried to extort 0,000 from Beth Holloway in return for telling her where her daughter's body was buried.

He got ,000 and ran off to South America before the FBI could arrest him.

I'll talk to anyone about this case unless they are totally whacko,' said Holloway.

Immediately following the murder of his daughter he was "temporarily replaced so the company did not have to bother him about business matters as he grieved", according to Lockheed Martin spokesman Evan Mc Collum.

'But she was killed within days of graduating high school.

It was so unfair.'Van der Sloot, who lived on the island, has always been the main suspect and Holloway believed he got help to take Natalee's body and dump it in a crab pot out at sea.

'But the more I look at it the more I think there may be something there.' 'I love my children, Natalee and Matt, but I didn’t know how else I would feel about a grandchild,' she told BMetro, a magazine in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. So this is the love that they have for their grandchildren." It was beautiful.'Van der Sloot has dismissed de Jong's story. He's a crack head, a f***ing liar, a compulsive liar,' his lawyer Maximo Altez said. Natalee was 18 and on a graduation trip to Aruba with 130 classmates from Mountain Brook High School just outside Birmingham, when she disappeared on May 30, 2005.

She was last seen with three men including van der Sloot, a 17-year-old Dutch national, after an evening at a nightclub.

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