Interracial dating in holland

I’m Dutch and have been married to my African American wife 7 years and we have lived in Holland and now south of USA.

Just to let you know that my wife hated Europe specially Holland where she as educated black woman did not feel respected.

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I came across your channel and love the questions thoughts and answers you give.

I don’t think that negative image of blacks will ever change. When your children first experience racism, what will be your advice will be to them? I hope I’ll remind them of all the beautiful things about themselves and explain that racism exists, why I think it exists and that they have to let it go. What made you decide to live abroad and do you have any regrets? It would be the same as for any other relationship: communication is key.

Somewhere in her sojourn, Carolyn met the love of her life and found herself in the Netherlands living, studying, working, and having a family.

In her book, (released August 2010) Carolyn Vines details her life as an American expatriate living in the Netherlands.

She shares her inspirations, multicultural family and life.

Passionate about language, Carolyn speaks Spanish and Dutch fluently.

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