I dont deserve you in dating

Sometimes the people you love the most actually give you the least.

Why go the rest of your life getting less than you give?

Judy wanted to see Ron the following weekend to cheer her up; he couldn’t make time, even though he was able to make time every weekend prior to her mother’s death.

Suddenly, their torrid affair was grinding to a halt. I felt like I’d done something wrong…” This is why I said he’s doing you a favor.

A perfect example is a private dating coaching client of mine named Judy.

Judy is in her early 50’s, divorced, and quite successful.

When you realize that you’re not getting what you’re giving, it’s time to give that relationship a cold, hard evaluation.

Have you ever felt stronger about someone than he felt about you?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you were always worried about being dumped?

Hey, who can blame her for developing a close bond with an attractive stallion of a man? Judy’s mom had recently passed away and it threw her into a funk.

It doesn’t matter how old you are; a parent is irreplaceable. And ever since she was in mourning, she felt Ron pulling away.

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