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“Wow, this is nice.” “I know, when I first saw it I just knew we would have so much fun here.” “Before we do anything we should take showers.” “Good idea, do you mind if I go first? ” “Well if it makes you feel any better I’ve only slept with a few guys since then.” “Well that’s good.” “But I’ve given a lot of blow jobs since then, so much I think I have a permanent gloss of cum around the inside of my stomach.” “Peyton, what if you’re parents ever found out?

” “You did pay for this suite so it’s only fair.” Debby grabs everything she needs and runs inside. ” “They’re stupid, so answer my question.” Debby shouldn’t entice Peyton’s curiosity but she did want to know. ” “Okay if you want me to open the door then send me all those dirty pictures and videos.” Debby looks around making sure no one is watching. I don’t have any of that on my phone.” “I never said they were on your phone? “Because if I don’t, then the footage of me getting gang raped will be released to the media and I can’t let that happen.” Debby picks up one of Peyton’s boots and fills it with her piss.

Peyton waits till the shower is running before grabbing Debby’s phone. “Sure I would like to know.” Peyton hands Debby her tablet, “I found a forum called ‘Disney Sluts,’ in this forum they exchange messages about the sex acts they want to do to you, me, Selena, Bridget, the stars of ‘Shake It Up,’ and all the way down to ‘My Dog With Blog’.” Debby finds the forum about her and Peyton, “Oh my God they want to do so many filthy things to us.” “I know I’ve read through that forum multiple times, they want to do everything from our mouths to pussy, asses all the way to pissing and shitting on us.” “I can’t believe this.” “I know, other than the anal, piss and shit all of that kind a turned me on.” “Peyton, you can’t be serious? “Sorry, in the bathroom.” Debby rolls off the couch nude and slips on a bathrobe. ” “Fine, give me my phone.” “It’s in the box.” Debby takes out her phone and sends everything. ” “All right.” Peyton opens the door and Debby storms into the bedroom. ” Debby locks herself in the room and doesn’t come out for hours. “That’s the famous restaurant you’ve been bragging about? ” Debby walks up to Peyton.“Whatever I want.” “Debby, if you’re still mad about earlier I’m sorry just stop.” Debby strips Peyton of all her clothes and wrestles her onto all fours. ” Debby stops, “Fine, a story then, the last time I was on this street I was gang raped and the leader told me that no cop ever dared patrol Rape Avenue and now it’s your turn to get raped and when I’m done with you, men will have their way with you and do you know why? She waves the boot in front of Peyton, “Open wide.” “No that’s gross.” “It’s either you’re drinking piss or eating shit, pick one.” Peyton doesn’t want pick either one but she has no choice, “Piss.” Debby pours the piss down Peyton’s throat until her mouth is full.

She scrolls through the pictures and there are a lot of pictures of her nude in a lot of poses and some of the pictures Debby had toys inside her ass and pussy. ” “What, the thought about strangers wanting to fuck you doesn’t turn you on? Peyton follows close behind and watches Debby open the door. ” Debby presses her back against the door and covers her breasts and vagina. It’s getting dark out and Debby finally comes out and walks over to Peyton. ” “Yeah, over there is an underground restaurant and it serves the best food around, I always get it when I’m in the area.” Peyton looks as far as her eyes can see and she sees a neon sign that’s half lit. ” “So good almost no one knows about it.” “Well okay.” They left the car and walks down the dark side walk. ” Debby shoves Peyton into the nearby abandoned building. “It’s just not that Peyton-” she locks her wrists and ankles to eye bolts, “-it’s been wanting to rape you for the longest time.” Debby takes out a leather whip from a bag and whips Peyton. Peyton swallows it and wants to beg for it end but fears the alternant.

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