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Looking up towards the top of the dry waterfall that halted my JT67 trip.

From below I still did not see an obvious, safe bypass to the drop.

I was told it was definitely manufactured in 2014, so it’s apparently not a clue for Bill.

Although the dating of the receipt remains a work in progress, it appears much more weathered an item and my hunch is there is not connection despite their odd proximity.

This trip was to primarily finish the loop I had planned in JT68 but got stopped by the dry waterfall.

If possible, I wanted to take a closer look in the area I found the Dollar Tree Store receipt, especially the northerly facing slopes.

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I continued up and out of the chute looking for anything further. The ridgeline I had been using was OK, but there was one 10 foot long segment where I had to straddle the spine like a horse, one leg on each side of the drop off, and inch forward across it. So this chute was OK, despite failing to find anything further.The odds would favor it being a Mylar balloon, but the coloring just didn’t look right for that.Reluctantly I decided to descend to the canyon bottom, then climb up the chute to investigate.I was still also interested in finding a decent way in and out of this area. Impressions of Area and Findings: The terrain was reasonably nasty, on par with Smith Water Canyon, but better than my first two trips into the area.My descent route into the main wash at the canyon bottom was pretty steep in the upper areas.

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