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I figured it was likely something interesting as this was a very remote and difficult area to get into. The following two pictures show what I found, the first picture showing it in place, before I disturbed it. My immediate thought was it was somehow connected to the receipt located below and about 300 meters away.However it really didn’t show extensive weathering from being in the elements for a long period.I asked the staff there if they carried that specific item and they said they didn’t.Upon returning home I called the Frito-Lay consumer line and asked about the manufacturing date on the basis of the manufacturing code printed on the package.Previous search tracks are in red, and the light blue line is the 10.6 mile radius from the Serin Drive cell tower.Locations of the bag, receipt and dry waterfall are also noted.

Rationale for searching this area: The full rationale for interest in this area is explained by the writeup for JT67.This trip was to primarily finish the loop I had planned in JT68 but got stopped by the dry waterfall.If possible, I wanted to take a closer look in the area I found the Dollar Tree Store receipt, especially the northerly facing slopes.I normally wouldn’t have bothered, but I could see a large hunk of Palm Springs off in the distance and presumed I had fine cell coverage.Turning on my Verizon cell phone I found I had good coverage at 4 bars. So I was really surprised to find I could not get a call out.

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