French custom dating

Nordic languages: sound ideally suited for dark, gloomy, crime or political thrillers set in countries which popularly have too little sunlight, such as .Latin: Latin sounds solemn — whether in the sense of being genuinely ominous and/or intelligent, or alternately just pretentious. Mandarin Chinese, sounds serene, meditative and philosophical. This is of course subject to Values Dissonance, as the French don't necessarily think their language sounds the sexiest.Britain, although opposed to total dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, offered France control of Tunisia, in return for Cyprus.

Before the French arrived, Tunisia had begun a process of modern reforms, but financial difficulties mounted until the installation of a commission of European creditors.

Their dubs go to Italian for this and they usually perceive their own accent as horrible.

May overlap with Gratuitous French if there really is no reason for it to be in French.

Notice how things take on an entirely different slant when you say them in a foreign language?

The following languages hold the following stereotypes: Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese: All sound Hotter and Sexier (See the Latin Lover trope for why) and exotic.

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