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More Info When Roger and Francine go wine tasting, they get carried away, and Roger kisses Francine in a drunken moment.When Francine decides to tell Stan about the incident, Roger panics and convinces Stan that Francine was the initiator.More Info Based on the successful You Tube channel, this series features outrageous episodes of user-generated funny mishaps that are caught on tape.Just about anything imaginable, that doesn't result in flawless success, is fair game.Meanwhile, Winston and Aly try to keep their relationship on the down-low at work.More Info Manny and Luke's little league team unexpectedly makes it into a playoff game, so Claire and Cameron scramble to find a location and decide to do a makeover on a rundown field.

Sara and Rip team up to stop Grodd from going after a particular target, leaving Nate and Wally to stop Amaya from changing her future.In order to become an accepted member of the Community Garden, Bob must make a deal that results in giving Louise's enemy a job at the restaurant.Father and daughter are at odds and a choice must be made.Elka holds an auction to fundraise for her City Council campaign.Melanie tries to get rid of a cricket in the house.

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