Formula for dating age difference

"Here's The Secret Method: The Bad Boy Formula..." Have you ever watched the "Star Wars" movies?They always talked about the "Dark Side" of the Force - and how to avoid it.But I always wanted to know what the "Dark Side" training manual looked like, didn't you?Wouldn't you just LOVE a chance to see what the Sith Lords got trained in?In the "Bad Boy Overdrive" part of the program, I devote several hours to explaining the way you can get "Bad Boy Results" with a "Nice Guy Attitude." I'll show you: Somewhere out there is a BAD Bad Boy waiting to steal the girl you want - or the girl you've already got. Once you follow the quick and easy steps in this system, you'll be able to get women attracted to you that you thought were out of your league. Again, so many guys run around more concerned about making a mistake than they are about taking action to get what they want. And women see that a Bad Boy goes after what he wants - and that's spellbinding to them.

And how they work in a woman's mind to create the kind of obsessive attraction that keeps women addicted to him...(He's the guy you probably hear me talk about as the "Alpha Man.") Using "The Bad Boy Formula" Actually Creates A True Win-Win Situation You see, what most guys have been calling a "Bad Boy" is really the "Jerk." He's the guy that's out of control, and hurts more people than he attracts.The problem is that the Jerk's strong sense of independence and "take no crap" attitude are attractive to people who are looking for a leader.The truth is that you can outsmart and outperform the "Jerks" out there just by doing the right thing: Use the Bad Boy techniques to create a WIN-WIN situation with women.*SHE* gets a man who knows how to create magnetic and stirring attraction with the right strategy, without any of the emotional pain - and *YOU* get to find, connect with, and KEEP the woman you want.

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