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There are only 1000 or so sites in the world with massive traffic, and of those mine is the only one that is run by a single person.It’s not possible for thousands of people to be as successful as me.For that business its just a matter of repetition and fighting boredom.At the end of the day you just need to sit down and DO it. You’ve obviously done a brilliant job marketing the site because you have some insane traffic numbers.That said, there are some dark clouds on the horizon; in a recent blog post, Markus noted that their free business model doesn't always scale as well as the hardware: The problem with free is that every time you double the size of your database the cost of maintaining the site grows 6 fold.I really underestimated how much resources it would take, I have one database table now that exceeds 3 billion records.The Dating & Love Advice category lists more than 320,000 posts, making up in sheer quantity what it lacks in a soothing live presence available by phone.

Popularity among online daters in many United States cities followed more recently, and with minimal spending on advertising the site.

To many people assume an “original idea” is just something that looks visually different then others.

I created the first real free dating and the first one that actually worked.

According to data from com Score Media Metrix for November 2007, Plenty of Fish had 1.4 million unique visitors in the United States. Frind said, the site served up 1.2 billion page views, and page views have soared 20 percent since Dec. The actual site design, although it has improved (believe it or not) since the last time I looked, is almost horrifyingly bad; it literally looks like a high school student's first website programming attempt. The site is a resounding success with users, to the point that it is almost completely user-run: No one heads to Plenty of Fish for the customer service, which is all but nonexistent.

The company does not need a support structure to handle members' subscription and billing issues because the service is entirely advertising-based. Put away your credit card." For hand-holding, users must rely on fellow members, whose advice is found in online forums.

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