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You’ll soon realize, though, that on many a dating service here in the groin of the universe, the male-to-female ratio is about, oh say, 7 to 1.

And both sides of that melancholy ratio have their own quirks; the men are either dangerously manipulative or miserably desperate (and the sun is hot), and the women are either men pretending to be women (like my run-in with "shexibexilesbian"), they’re real and don’t seem to understand that conversation is a two-way road, or they’re expats saying shit like, “I’m looking for the Mad Max to my Furiosa.” I am not making that one up. I think it's not entirely unusable but it's full of that special breed of misogynist that is the Egyptian "liberal" man.

Even though hearing it triggers a dormant form of PTSD in my TV dinner of a brain, I applaud it for bringing together two things that mesh so well together (especially in this article); love and hopelessness.

You see friends, dating in Egypt is hard; what with having to pretend you don’t flip your underwear inside out instead of doing laundry, having just the right amount of sex appeal to cover up the fact that you still get an allowance in your mid 20's and the whole So you turn to online dating and hope that the process is somewhat more merciful on your fragile psyche.

This transaction enables the group to grow and better serve the Egyptian population in the coming years and be in a better position to capture growing demand and to provide the most up-to-date, high-tech medical diagnostics.

With this partnership, we are looking to strengthen our position as the first radiology group established in the market 34 years ago and the largest in terms of size and patient throughput.

I have a soft spot for OKC because it gives you an actual profile to fuck around with and customize to match your actual loser self.

Mediterrania Capital Partners, the private equity firm focused on growth investments for SMEs in North African and Sub-Saharan Africa, announces the acquisition of a stake in Cairo Scan Radiology and Labs S. Established in 1983 by the Abd El-Wahab and El-Gabaly families, CAIRO SCAN operates as a specialised, fully integrated diagnostic and interventional imaging and medical laboratory services institution providing high-quality imaging, analytical and related services in Egypt.Mediterrania Capital Partners investment is aimed at supporting the group’s development plans, including the expansion of CAIRO SCAN’s branch network and the construction of a state-of-the-art flagship branch that will provide improved access to a signification portion of the population in Egypt.Commenting on the transaction, Professor Hatem El-Gabaly, CAIRO SCAN’s Co-founder and Managing Director, added: “The management of CAIRO SCAN welcomes Mediterrania Capital Partners investment and partnership.The company started its operations in 2008 under “Fons Mediterrania Capital” and since 2013 is an independent General Partner Structure.With offices in Abidjan, Algiers, Barcelona, Cairo, Casablanca, and Malta, Mediterrania Capital Partners takes an intensely proactive, hands-on approach to implementing its growth strategy by leading the governance of the companies and driving the key internal value creation process.

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