Dating levi denim jackets

These jeans had a “Blue Bell” label sewn on the back of the zipper fly with the sizing and the world “Sanforized”.

In 1948, Rodeo Ben, a famous rodeo personality and Hollywood Designer was commissioned by Blue Bell to design the new Wrangler Product Line.

It was tailored to give a tighter fit and still allow free movement.

The early design also featured the famous pleats along side the buttons in the front.

The winter version of the Second Edition producted from 1956 was known as the 8ML (Lined) model.

Other Wrangler Models introduced during this time were as follows: The Wrangler 111MJZ was manufactured in similar design to the 11MJ except for a few minor alterations like the label.

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It was in 1947 that the employees of Blue Bell voted to name the new line of denim wear WRANGLER.

These tabs first appeared in 1936, with the word 'LEVI’S' stitched in capital letters - but by 1971, only the letter 'L' was capitalized.

While the WRANGLER Brand was originally registered ® by Casey Jones in 1905 and the origins of today’s Wrangler Company date back to Companies manufacturing under other names as early as the first decade of the 1900’s. 1940’s PERIOD It was therefore in 1947 that the first model of Wrangler Jeans Model 11MW (Mens Western) were made using 11oz. Wrangler, like Lee initially used the arcuate stitch on the back pockets, but this was quickly replaced in 1948 with the “W” stitch.

Jeans with a waist measurement of 32-inches to 36-inches, and a length measurement of 30-inches to 32-inches 'are going to be worth the most money.'Thanks to the popularity of the Western movie and stars like John Wayne, blue jeans, which were originally designed as prospectors working britches, have gained the irresistible aura of romance and adventure.

The red tab on a pair of 501s’ right-back pocket is one way of dating a pair of Levi’s.

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