Dating guys with possessive sisters what to expect when dating a single father

While the title says "sister," variations of it also include mothers and other female relatives (such as cousins), and for girls this would most likely be "My is Off-Limits." This doesn't include daughters, because Overprotective Dad already covers that. This may also be a symptom of a character having a Big Brother Instinct. Also, this trope is almost indispensable for any Brother Sister Incest works, where it builds the initial Incest Subtext in story.

Contrast Best Friends-in-Law, where the guy is all too happy for his good friend to end up with his sister.

I talked to my sister and told her everything that was bothering me.

Instead of jumping to a rebound girl, I decided to get all of my anger out by going to the gym.

If a guy cannot tell his girlfriend how he feels because he is afraid she will blow up or break up with him and vice versa, then maybe a break up should have already happened.

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