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A diversion is simply a contractual agreement between the accused and the city attorney's office that says if the accused meets certain conditions and obligations the case will be dismissed.Typical diversion agreements require the accused to pay the fine, court costs, restitution (if any) and a diversion fee (either or 0 depending on the charges) as well as not violate the law for a period of time.Packaging is based on weight NOT volume since each frit color weighs differently, depending on the metal oxides it contains. It would be to your advantage to test our frit blends with other glass before going into production. I have used 104 COE glass with my frit blends with success for years.We do our very best to make them accurate but your jars may be or - from the actual jar size due to some frits weighing more than others. that is referred to on our website is the actual weight of the jar INCLUDING the frit. 96 COE GLASS Our blends are made from premium furnace glass which is 92-96 COE.Our frit blends are packaged in the following sizes: 4oz. So, you may use our frit with any other 96 COE glass such as Gaffer, Reichenbach 96, Kugler, or Uroboros. There are no limitations using them with glass of the same COE but if you are using them with a different COE, then only use our frit blends sparingly following a 5-10% guideline.

The only problem is when labels become categories, and broad categorization of people allows for discrimination. has become so extensive that it is now overflowing into intimate parts of our personal lives, such as romantic relationships.

And not everyone is going to be compatible in any relationship, romantic or not.

Some people prefer cats, some prefer dogs; some people value the humanity of racial minorities, and some are Nazis.

A person requesting a diversion must fill out an application and return it to the Municipal Court clerk or city attorney.

If a person wants to apply for a diversion they must plead not guilty in court if they have not already submitted a diversion application prior to their court appearance. All diversions are granted solely at the discretion of the city attorney.

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