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We encourage all married men and women to take a conscious and proactive approach to investing in their spouse.

By putting our spouses first, we are taken back to the simple magic of being head over heels in love again.

We put them all in a safe place so no peeking would occur.

Usually, our “planning” means arranging for a sitter, then getting in the car and asking, “Uh, what should we do? It can involve taking something we do every day – cooking a meal, let’s say – and turning it from mundane into a fun shared activity.The date started out by me handing a card to my husband with a silly little poem on it letting him know that our date would take place in a bookstore.When we got to the store, I handed my husband a card with three tasks on it that we would each need to complete in the time allotted and then meet back in a specified location in the store.Or, before fall turns into winter, check out these 50 Fall Dates (complete with a printable list).We are wives, mothers, sisters, and friends who strive to enrich marriages everywhere.

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