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We always hear sad stories of the working actor’s plight and how a good job is hard to come by, but what we don’t always realize is there are a ton of actors who turned down roles during their career. Similarly, major movie stars like Will Smith, Leonardo Di Caprio, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and Denzel Washington also passed up some pretty major parts throughout their careers, with some later saying they regret their decisions.

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However, Midler decided to pass on the part of the Las Vegas showgirl hiding out in a convent due to concerns about her fans reacting badly to her playing a nun.Who: Matthew Broderick Role: Walter White Show: "Breaking Bad." Is your mind totally blown?Ours was when we heard that Broderick, along with actor John Cusack, are both rumored to have passed on the role of ailing chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin Walter White on AMC's behemoth 'Breaking Bad." Lucky they did, because the part has undoubtedly cemented Bryan Cranston's place in television history.Paul Shaffer never called him back, because he was "busy" at the time.The role went to Jason Alexander, who played the character to neurotic perfection.

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