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She is second-in-command of the human Pathfinder team and Alec Ryder's appointed successor, so she's understandably ruffled when you get the Pathfinder job instead of her..He’s got high hopes for humanity’s future in Andromeda and will try to encourage the team in dire situations, but he’s also hot-headed and quick to react emotionally if things go south.It seems she has a rival, another Asari named Kalinda, who tries to steal her discovery from under her nose.

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For better or worse, you're integral to the Andromeda Initiative's mission, and can expect to be viewed accordingly.

The mission itself is a fight through a Kett ship as gravity fields change direction around you, and features a few jokes, showing some of the game's lighter tone.

he's a close-range fighter who moves quickly with his jump jets, and favours 'overclocked dual omni-blades'.

of hero." You can react to others' statements with one of four tones (casual, professional, emotional, logical), and as you do so, Ryder's personality will settle accordingly, unlocking corresponding interactions - a hot-headed, emotional Ryder will be able to say and do things that a cool, collected Ryder won't, and vice versa.

When it comes to your look, you can't change the default Ryders, but there are other human presets to choose from, all of which can be tweaked.

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