Christian rules for dating my son

At the same time, his wife began corresponding, via early-1990s AOL chat folders on religion, with an inquisitive Christian computer programmer named Rick Seelhoff.

Their letters, thoughtful explorations of theology and human behavior, were later included as evidence in .

For the gatekeepers of the Christian homeschooling movement, divorce was an ultimate failing.

Like those fire-and-brimstone evangelists who made the religious right what it was in the 1980s (Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson), they promoted deliberately patriarchal models, where wife submits to husband.

In 1994, according to trial testimonies by Cheryl and her sons, Claude Lindsey moved to New Orleans to live with his mother and undergo anger management counseling.

“And, honestly, I really miss that part of it still.

We went to each others’ births, we watched each others’ babies.” * * * ears before her journey from religious right to feminist writer, Seelhoff had embraced progressive politics.

She rendezvoused with him in person for the first time at a Dallas conference at which she spoke early in 1994.

She and Lindsey filed for divorce in late June 1994. Once exposed, all of Cheryl Seelhoff’s personal details spurred a smear campaign of sorts.

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    Wherever you are, find a quiet spot; be it your bedroom, toilet at work or the pub, in your car or even in your garage or shed.

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    Earlier in 2013, Carrie sparked the rumors of a romance with The Social Network director Aaron Sorkin when they together showed up to the Golden Globe Awards.