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:-( It’s time for changing leaves, pumpkin anything and indian corn! My Kale didn’t make it, our heirloom tomatoes are doing great (just slower producing than I would like), pole beans have been pretty good (but still not as many as expected) and we’ve only had 1 pepper from 5 plants.Maybe there’s still hope and we’ll get a good later harvest. Reply Awh, that’s nice to treat Eric to a good massage and vegan tortilla soup!! I had a back injury this past spring, which killed our garden plans.FREE, means FREE, not free if you pay this fee or are required to meet unspecified... Will Rogers A Cherokee-Cowboy, Will Rogers was a popular Native American actor,philanthropist, social commentator, Vaudevillian, comedian, andpresidential candidate.Leafgreen can only trade between firered, ruby, sapphire, emerald, Pokemon colosseum, Pokemon xd gale of darkness, and migrate with diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold and soulsilver it cannot trade with the original silver. He was born William Peen Adair Rogers to awell respected and relatively wealthy family, and was often hailedas Oklahoma's favorite...It may have taken 500 attempts to clear some of these stages but we’ve completed them all and are excited to share our top picks! This one goes to “The Keeper of The Forest” stage by Anton G. Our fingers became basically defunct once we finally cleared it. Before closing, we also have some runner-ups in each category that we think deserve honorable mention: First runner-up was Len’s stage named “YJF Printer: Yeah, Jam, and Fury”, a strong candidate for the Yeah League.

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Reply I love all the vegetables growing in my garden right now at an alarming rate… :) I think you can definitely say you were a black thumb.have went above and beyond with the produce from your garden! Reply Oh, I should have said the coupon is on the company’s website: (under ‘special offers’ or by clicking the little thingy at the bottom-you’ll see it) Reply The tortilla soup looks soooo good!

it makes it so easy to make all these healthy recipes! I should definitely grow kale next year too Reply What a great recipe!! When Scott and I were first dating (this was the dark ages, like 12 yrs ago b/c we’ve been married 10 ) I would “humor him” and go to TGIFriday’s restaurant and watch the football games on their satellite TVs b/c they got games there that we couldnt get at home…and the only thing that kept me sitting thru those football games were tortilla soup. And cute black placemat…colors are perfect for the soup.

This might be the best soup ever because of them, is what I say! Love the tortilla soup recipe too-I haven’t had tortilla soup since before I went vegan so thanks for the great idea! Our gorgeous 31c or 87F weather changed overnight and we’re expecting a high of 12C or 53F today :( However, this soup recipe has cheered me up & I look forward to making it. Tortilla soup is and old fav but, I feel like everytime I order it out it disappoints. I am so impressed with how far your garden has come Angela!

I will for sure be making this soon especially when the weather out here cools down. Love the photos of your veggies — you should be very proud that your hard work and persistence have filled your kitchen with lots of healthy veggies — you’ve got a Green thumb now! Autumn is my absolute favorite season and I am welcoming it with open arms! You probably could supply veggie boxes to your neighbors, haha! On another note- have you been able to keep up (eat) with all that gorgeous produce from your garden? You have clearly put a lot of love into it :) It must be incredibly gratifying to just grab your own veggies to incorporate into all your creative and delicious meals! I hope it cools down here soon to bring out the soup pot.

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