Celebrities dating rugby players

But they were shocked when, drunk, Cecillon (right) returned to an end-of-season party and in front of 60 people he pulled a .357 magnum from his shorts and fired four bullets into his wife.

“I fell into alcoholism whilst being totally wrapped up in my own little bubble,” the former French international captain told the court at his trial.

Plus, we hear he's a single NFL player looking for love—call us, maybe?

Position: Wide receiver Relationship status: In a relationship What makes him so sexy: When he and Tom Brady are on the field, you're basically looking at the most attractive NFL players—and it's just so hard to pull our eyes away from the screen. Position: Tight end Relationship status: Engaged What makes him so sexy: While it’s super cute he studied studio art in college, it was his 2013 photo shoot for ESPN (in the buff) that earns Vernon major hotness cred.

The ‘Quiet Man’ had descended into alcoholism following his departure from the Test arena in 1995 and among the rugby wives in France there was much talk of unrest between the couple.), he's had an unbelievable season, and his girlfriend is his high school sweetheart. England’s players hit the front pages for all the wrong reasons during their tour of New Zealand.Earlier the woman insisted that she had not gone into the club's VIP section specifically to meet players.After leaving the nightclub the woman went to an after-party at Jackson's home, where the alleged rape occurred.

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