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As messaging apps evolve into a platform, the unique differentiator wouldn’t just be network of users but also the ecosystem of brands, entities, services and celebrities to strengthen these network effects.With its unique capability of Official Accounts, localized content based Stickers and a set of pioneering and innovative features, we’re sure We Chat would continue to serve users and enable them to communicate better. While Weixin is focusing the China market, We Chat is aimed to serve customers outside in international users.Because of We Chat’s unique APIs and capability to provide richer content through a private chat interface, brands today are able to provide wide variety of social content, CRM and location based experiences to their fans on We Chat.As part of user education and building unique content experiences, We Chat has also partnered with various Bollywood players, where a number of production houses have tied up with We Chat in order to reach out to their target audience through the ‘We Chat Blockbuster’ Official account.

In an exclusive interview with Nilay Arora, VP Marketing & Business Development, We Chat India, Krishna Bahirwani explores why We Chat is gaining popularity in India.It’s an opt-in feature where a number of participants can share their location with each other once the feature is switched on.This feature is especially useful for Women’s safety, where you can track/monitor the movement of your sister, girlfriend, mother, wife when she’s travelling late or to an unfamiliar place as it tracks the movement real time.Stickers: We Chat realized very early on that localized content is a key differentiating factor for Indian audiences as India is a land of festivals, colours, joy and vivacious expressions & idioms – and hence localized Stickers were introduced to platform.In fact, We Chat is the only messaging app that has consistently launched unique Animated stickers to celebrate Indian festivals and special days such as Diwali, Holi, Independence Day, Friendship day etc.

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