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After the insults fly, Bernadette tries to broker the peace between Howard and Sheldon by having the two travel together to Houston in an attempt to improve their friendship.

Meanwhile, Penny is offered an embarrassing movie role and Raj asks Amy to write to a woman on his behalf.

After they guys can't get Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon decides to hold his own convention, and winds up spending a wild night with JAMES EARL JONES (guest starring as himself).

In the first part of the one-hour seventh season premiere, Sheldon and Penny bond in Leonard's absence, but it's Sheldon's feelings that are crushed when Leonard returns from the North Sea. Davis, the University's Director of Employee Relations.

Love is in the air when Amy convinces Sheldon to join her (as well as Howard and Bernadette) for a romantic weekend in Napa Valley to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny must rush Raj's dog to the vet.

When Sheldon is forced to take a vacation, he tries to relax, but instead spends a lot of time with Penny after she quits her job.

Meanwhile, Leonard struggles to be supportive of Penny and Bernadette seeks Stuart's help in replacing one of Howard's comic books.

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